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会社プロフィール tkF (tciskFACTORY / シスクファクトリ)

会社プロフィール tkF (tciskFACTORY / シスクファクトリ)


そのようななか tkF は、最新の情報技術を駆使しながらも、できるだけローコストにて、効果を上げるノウハウを取り入れながら、法人様のITコンサルティングを行なっております。また、システム構築やWebサイトの開発、さらにIPPBXといった、SOHO事業者向けロケーションフリー電話システムのインフラ構築・コンサルティングも承っております。



そんなことを考えたあなたはぜひ今すぐ、tkF にご相談ください。

© 2006 – 2014 tciskFACTORY, Inc.

企業IT支援・コンサルティング  tkF ビズアーム

企業IT支援・コンサルティング  tkF ビズアーム


tkF ビズアームは、日本より数年先を歩むIT最先端国・アメリカの最新の技術を勘案しながら、貴社のビジネスをIT武装し、効率を上げるためのコンサルティングを行なっております。


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© 2006 – 2014 tciskFACTORY, Inc.

tkF tciskFACTORY, Inc. シスクファクトリ

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Corporate Profile

tkF, The Digital Lifestyle Developer - tciskFACTORY, Inc. [シスクファクトリ]

We are the transnational company, providing information technologies to wide variety of services and solutions.
Our services and solutions include international business development, IT consulting,  computer maintenance, website programing, and advertisement planning. And also up-to-date technologies of location-free phone communication systems for business and SOHO users.
We are always looking for convenient and fun for you. Contact us today for retrieving something even you have never known in your life.

IT Consulting
for Your Business Solutions

We live in a complex and rapidly-changing business world, and major technology waves impact organizations in a profound way...

tkF bizarm helps you to catch up and maximize your business environment.

If you are not in Japan, and planning to expand your business to Japan. Contact us now at

Planning and Development
for Dynamically Activate Your Website

tkF WEBWORKS is a website planning, developing and design studio, which was established with the aim of adding value to your businesses effectively in affordable way.

With high quality of service, we target our approach to projects, based on our client needs and requirements.
Our goal is to bring your business to life ONLINE.

Tip of Your Working Environment!
Free Address of Your Business
No Matter Where You Are...

Check out sip-JPN by tciskFACTORY

sip-JPN presents the location-free phone systems by way of SIP and VoIP communication all over the world.

An IPPBX is a complete telephony system that provides telephone calls over IP data networks. All conversations are sent as data packets over the internet.
The IPPBX is also able to connect to traditional PSTN lines via an optional gateway.

tkF has a partnership with the Obihai Technology in Silicon Valley, California. (The site is now in Progress.)

tciskFACTORY, Inc.
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Akashi, Hyogo 6730009
  4521 PGA Blvd., #278
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418
+81.78.945.6666 [Japan Office]
+1.708 TCISK FC [Int'l Office]
+1.772.202.2498 [Florida Office]
+1.408.479.2520 [San Francisco Office]
  +81.50.5832.9781 [Japan Office]
+1.408.479.2521 [San Francisco Office]

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